Wednesday, June 5, 2013


So yesterday when Bailey was having breakfast, I sat down to talk to her (while I multi-tasked and put on my makeup to get ready for work as has become our custom - not proud of that fact, but this is the only possible way we ever make it out of the door at a not completely unreasonable time, although I'm not gonna lie, we are much later than we want to be just about every single day....) 

Anyway, during a discussion about what Bailey had done at school the day before, we had the following exchange: 

Bailey:  I told Amelia [her new school bff who is adorable and has a mom who is really nice, which is awesome] that she could come play at our new house when we're all moved in.   What other friends can I have over?

Me:  Well, who else do you want to ask to come over and play? 

Bailey: Hmmm.....babababa [that's her new "thinking" sound, no idea where it came from]......well, daddy's always here, so.......

This is one of my all-time favorite exchanges so far......right up there with the first time she hugged my neck and said "we're best friends" and when she told me "thank you thank you for all that you do" right when were having a rough time and I really needed some encouragement.  

I am so thankful that Bailey has such a fantastic and fun playmate, friend, and daddy.  He has been just about killing himself moving us into this house and staying up late at night unpacking and organizing all of our junk while I have mostly eaten ice cream and cheered him on while sitting on the couch and/or sleeping (I have washed a few dishes but that's about it).  Being this pregnant (we moved when I was about 39 weeks pregnant - baby boy who still doesn't have a name is due Sunday!) makes me mostly worthless when it comes to moving/packing/unpacking and he has picked up my slack and more without complaint.  

He is amazing and thoughtful and works so hard for our family while somehow keeping up the energy to play with Bailey so much that she doesn't feel like she needs friends to come over.  He doesn't always get credit for it but he keeps doing it anyway. 

Sorry to be sappy for two posts in a row, but just had to get out there how Bailey, little brother (whom I call "buddy" for now...), and I are so very lucky.